Aiken's Farm

James Aiken, Mebane

Seasonal vegetables and herbs

Farming is in my blood. My family had been farming since before the great depression. All started with tobacco and vegetables, fresh fruit hand picked straight from the vines. I am the third generation to continue farming on my side of the family, an intend on continuing our journey.

We practice organic methods and sustainable agricultural methods. We are committed to growing all fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in a completely natural way that protects the soil and the health of our customers.



David and Holly Pflugfelder Lillington

Organic-fed, pasture-raised pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and eggs.

CATHIS stands for our children. We are doing this to give them an understanding of where their food comes from, and what it takes to raise it. We believe that treating animals humanely, in their natural environment, and with the highest quality organic feed produces a superior product for both our family and yours. We strive to produce meat that is nutritious, free of chemicals, and sustainable. Our animals are raised outdoors on pasture and rotated to maintain the integrity of the land.

Cool Springs Farm

Edgar & Gail Patterson

Seasonal vegetables and bedding plants.

Cool Springs Farm is a family farm that is devoted to growing fruits and vegetables for consumers who want to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. All of our products are grown using organic practices with the customer in mind. Our vegetables and fruits are grown with compost and organic amendments. We only use organically approved pesticides when all other pest control attempts have failed. Gail and Edgar are the 4thgeneration of farmers to farm the land. Together we have over 100 years of experience owning, operating, or working in the growing of fruits and vegetables.

Grand Hope Farm

Brandon & Elizabeth Silvay
Siler City

Seasonal Vegetables

A sixth generation Century farm located in the Siler City area. Through the years it has been a producer of many different row crops, hay, livestock and vegetables. In 2013, when I married Elizabeth, we decided to put produce back on the “plate”. With her added knowledge of growing from her family farm, we have been able to expand our production by using the ways of new and the trusted ways of old to grow quality produce to all of our customers. We carefully plan and grow all of our produce with sustainable practices from seed to harvest, so we can ensure the consistent availability and quality.

Hill View Farm

Kathleen Conroy
Siler City

Grass-Fed Beef

At Hill View Farm, we raise Dexter cows on the abundant grass of our Chatham County pastures. Dexters are a traditional Irish cattle breed, beloved for their small size, gentle disposition, and their ability to fatten up on a grass-only diet.
We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our animals. We do not apply herbicides, pesticides or petroleum based fertilizers to our pastures. We cut our own hay off our pastures for winter feeding.
Our cows live happy lives and fatten up on grass, not grain. This makes for healthy cows and tasty, tender and healthy beef.

Red Roots Farm

Kristen Scheckelhoff
and Jason Butler

Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs, and Mushrooms

A sustainable farming project in Pittsboro, NC. We grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms on an one acre of Chatham County red earth. Everything we grow is raised from seed to harvest without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Through carefully-planned crop rotations, cover cropping, and habitat for beneficial insects, our farm plan focuses on maintaining soil fertility and using environmental resources in a sustainable way. We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy, local food.

Twelve Oaks Farm

James Randolph Jacobs and
Bethany Jacobs

Seasonal vegetables, salsa, pickles, preserves, baked goods, body products, and crafts.

Twelve Oaks is a small farm located in Asbury North Carolina focusing on summer crops and homemade food products. Produce includes tomatoes, snap beans, peppers, and corn. We strive to minimize use of fertilizers and stick to crop rotation and other techniques to produce our vegetables. Here in 2018 we plan to expand operations and work towards producing more while providing the quality that is expected from local growers. We here at Twelve Oaks looks forward to meeting all customers and market goers this year!

Crystal Glen Alpacas

Laurie Sue Bakay, Bear Creek

Handspun Alpaca Yarn and Fiber Items

Crystal Glen Alpacas is a small, local alpaca farm just outside of Pittsboro. Wonderful all natural, undyed 100% handspun alpaca yarn and fun items like felted shoe/boot inserts and more. Come see fiber prep and yarn spinning. We love meeting new alpaca fans and making appointments for farm visits. We are now offering dog hair yarn spinning services as well!

Chatham Oaks Farm

Justin and Rachel Clark

Seasonal Vegetables

We utililize sustainable practices and sound agronomics to deliver Chatham County and it’s neighbors a reliable source of fresh, nutrient dense foods grown responsibly on a local family farm.

The Yeast Roll Company

Rufus Minor
Chapel Hill

Fresh-baked yeast rolls.

Bite-sized yeast rolls baked fresh for each market. Flavors include plain, garlic & herb, and cinnamon!

Guest Vendors

Please check our This Week update to see our list of vendors for each market day.

Carol's Good Earth Farm

Jim Bryant and Robert Raudenbush Liberty

Plants, candles, holiday items, and other gifts

Succulent plants, plant starts, hanging baskets, wreaths, dried flower arrangements, and soy candles.

Peaches & Apples

Ken Chappell, Eagle Springs

Seasonal Fruit

We are a fourth-generation farm specializing in peaches. We also grow and sell apples, blueberries, tomatoes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of jams, dressings, and ciders.

Carolina Cravings Co.

Danielle Rose

Bakery and Sweet Shop

We strive to make our recipes just like Grandma made them, wholesome and with a little nostalgia! Using old traditions and recipes from our family trees, we extend a little love and history to you and yours. We hope you enjoy!

Growing Wild Nursery

Alistair Glen
Siler City

Native Plants

Growing Wild is a small native plant nursery located near Siler City. My passion is to seek out and grow the best native plants for gardeners who want to add beauty and pollinators to their gardens. All plants are propagated sustainably here at the nursery and grown outside to produce strong, healthy plants.

Paws in Harmony

Laurie Sue Bakay, Bear Creek

Pet Therapy & Training

Paws in Harmony is your pet de-stresser, offering ways to deepen the harmonious bond we form with pets as well as relieve tension that often shows up as unwanted behavior. Services include Tellington TTouch, Animal Massage, Animal Reiki, Pet CPR/First Aid Training and more.

Turtle Rock Gardens

Nicole Rosenberger, Siler City

Cut flower bouquets, dried arrangements, fresh herbs

Sustainable flowers grown using organic farming methods in Cedar Falls and Siler City North Carolina

Symphl Creations

Malaya Simmons, Sanford

Natural soap, bath and body products, and handmade fabric crafts
Handcrafted Soaps and Scents. All Natural and Artisan soaps. Lotion bars, skin balms. Affordable beaded jewelry.

Te Mauri Acres

Jennifer Apisai, Sanford

Eggs, fruits, herbs, wellness products and salves, handmade fabric crafts

Te Mauri Acres is a 7 acre piece of land that my family and I are blessed to own. It’s also blessed with 1 horse, 2 cows, 3 calves, 4 ducks and about 40+ chickens!

Wood Eye

William Helsabeck, Seagrove

Hand-carved canes, walking sticks, bowls, statues, and other woodcraft
Wood Eye is a site dedicated to the creation of unique walking sticks and other wood items created by William Helsabeck

Wood Smith

Greg Smith, Chapel Hill

Hand-crafted cutting boards, kitchen utensils, live edge tables, jewelry & keepsake boxes.

Greg Smith is a woodworker who has designed and built furniture for over 30 years. He is passionate about combining a variety of exotic and repurposed woods and steel in his many projects. 

Evans Custom Cornhole Boards

Scott Evans, Siler City

Handmade wooden cornhole boards, in a variety of designs

Custom made corn hole boards made with your design in mind. Any subject matter, sports team or ideas are possible. They are made with furniture grade 3/4″ maple boards, hand painted, Hydro Dipped or with naturally burned appearance. 

Become a Vendor

We’re always accepting applications for new farmers, makers, and crafters! Please fill out the applicable form below and email it to our Market Manager at 



April – October 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


November – January 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm


480 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro, NC