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David and Holly Pflugfelder, Lillington

Organic-fed, pasture-raised pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and eggs; Grass-fed beef.

CATHIS stands for our children. We are doing this to give them an understanding of where their food comes from, and what it takes to raise it. We believe that treating animals humanely, in their natural environment, and with the highest quality organic feed produces a superior product for both our family and yours. We strive to produce meat that is nutritious, free of chemicals, and sustainable. Our animals are raised outdoors on pasture and rotated to maintain the integrity of the land.

Grand Hope Farm

Brandon & Elizabeth Silvay, Siler City

Seasonal Vegetables

A sixth generation Century farm located in the Siler City area. Through the years it has been a producer of many different row crops, hay, livestock and vegetables. In 2013, when I married Elizabeth, we decided to put produce back on the “plate”. With her added knowledge of growing from her family farm, we have been able to expand our production by using the ways of new and the trusted ways of old to grow quality produce to all of our customers. We carefully plan and grow all of our produce with sustainable practices from seed to harvest, so we can ensure the consistent availability and quality.

Thistle Draw Farm

Karl Buesching and Sherry Oconis  Liberty

Pastured pork, chicken, & eggs

Our farm journey began simply with a desire for better tasting, more nutritious food that was raised with respect and reverence to it’s contribution to our personal health and well being.  To that end, we go to great lengths to provide our animals continuous access to fresh, high quality green pasture, sunshine, and fresh air.  Our high-touch, low-stress management practices respect the pig-ness of the pig and the chicken-ness of the chicken.  We want our customers to feel confident that our product can be a wholesome addition to their family’s meals. 

Chatham Oaks Farm

Justin and Rachel Clark, Pittsboro

Seasonal Vegetables and Flowers

Chatham Oaks Farm is a small family farm located outside of Pittsboro in southwestern Chatham County. We grow fresh produce and cut flowers for local and neighboring communities. We utililize sustainable practices and sound agronomics to deliver Chatham County and it’s neighbors a reliable source of fresh, nutrient dense foods grown responsibly on a local family farm. Chatham Oaks Farm will also offer on-farm dinners and other events in the coming years.

Bumblebee Meadows

Theresa Abraham-Godbey

Cut Flower Bouquets

Bumblebee Meadows is a cut flower farm located in Chatham County NC. We aim to grow using sustainable farming practices with the goal of improving the soil microbiome and environment. We produce specialty cut flowers from spring through fall, from the earliest narcissus, ranunculus and anemones to a large variety of dahlias, sunflowers and everything in between. We offer special order arrangements for occasions, elopements and small weddings as well.

Deerhoof Gardens

Rich and Erica Joiner, Pittsboro

Mushrooms and potted herbs

Deerhoof Gardens provides fresh mushrooms and live herb plants, all grown with organic methods. We are lifelong gardeners who are excited for the opportunity to share and learn with our community! In addition to our herb nursery, we specialize in oyster mushrooms grown indoors on locally sourced straw, with other outdoor varieties available

Four Dog Farm

Cheryl McNeill, Goldston

Seasonal vegetables

Four Dog Farm is a small Chatham County farm that grows seasonal vegetables using organic inputs and sustainable management practices. We are excited to grow quality food for our community!

Edge of the World Farm

Henrietta Cummings and Erin Cummings, Siler City

Herbal creams, salves, extracts, elixirs, dried herbs and herbal tea blends
Edge of the World Farm is a family owned farm that sustainably grows culinary, tea, and medicinal herbs, and,produce. We have
owned our farm since April, 1986 and have grown everything using organic methods. Our farm is named for a foggy morning when our southern sloping garden was covered in mist that was so thick at the bottom it looked like the edge of the world.

The Yeast Roll Company

Rufus Minor, Chapel Hill

Fresh-baked yeast rolls.

Bite-sized yeast rolls baked fresh for each market. Flavors include plain, garlic & herb, and cinnamon!

Guest Vendors

Please check our This Week update to see our list of vendors for each market day.

Lionhearts Homestead

Angela Ross, Pittsboro

Flower bouquets, body products, crafts, seasonal herbs, vegetables, and fruits

Lionhearts Homestead is a boutique flower farm in Pittsboro, NC.  We work in harmony with bees and nature to grow chemical-free, seasonal flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.  We operate our homestead with the philosophy of sustainability and healthy stewardship. We are excited to join the market this year and connect with our community!

Steady Burn Pyrography

Sarah Perry, Pittsboro

Original Wood-burned Art

I make handcrafted, wood burned art using repurposed wood. Whether I’m wood burning a great blue heron, portrait of a beloved pet, original maze, signs for trails or homes, or a personalized gift, my dream is always the same. The purpose of my art is to open hearts, awaken minds, & connect us to many forms of nature, home, family, & identity. I live and work in Bynum and have a deep love for Pittsboro and the community I have found here over the past 7 years.

Silver Prophecy Jewelry

Erin Sabatine, Pittsboro

Sterling Silver Jewelry

I offer handmade sterling silver jewelry. I craft my jewelry with all day wear in mind so they are comfortable and wearable
for everyday. Pieces made in my unique style are classic and versatile. Perfect for your next favorite piece or a gift for
someone special! Feel free to ask me about custom orders.

Deep River Flower Farm

Nicole Rosenberger & Evan Diamond, Franklinville

Cut flower bouquets, dried arrangements, fresh herbs

Each flower variety is carefully selected, started from seed, and cut and arranged with expertise and creativity. Our flowers are higher quality, have a longer vase life, are healthy for pollinators and are in tune with the seasons. Coose grown, not flown!


Tiffany Reischl, Pittsboro

Handcrafted, Small Batch Goat’s Milk Soap

ToadHollowSoapery is dedicated to quality products and all natural ingredients that bring you back to the freshness of nature. We are located in Pittsboro and use locally sourced goat’s milk, natural plant based oils and butters that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to help support healthy skin. Our soaps are handmade with Goat’s Milk and in small batches with a variety of herbs and botanicals, to provide a selection of soaps to meet your skin care needs.

Become a Vendor

We love receiving applications for new farmers, makers, and crafters!

Application for the 2024 season will open on Jan 1st, 2024. The deadline for 2024 is March 1st. Applications received after this date will be reviewed at the discretion of the market board.

To apply, please fill out the applicable form below and mail it, along with application fee, to Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market, PO Box 1571, Pittsboro, NC, 27312.

If you would like to attend the market as a visiting vendor, please check out our Events Page and contact our Market Manager at about signing up for one of our special events! No formal application is required,

Please send any questions to our Market Manager at 



April – October
8:00 am to 12:00 pm

November – January
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm


Farm to table market on the lawn of the historic Chatham Mills in Pittsboro, NC.

480 Hillsboro Street,
Pittsboro, NC