It is time for Spring planting!

Come out and find locally-grown garden transplants for spring and summer, native perennials and flowering plants, pollinator attractors, and more!

For those doing their regular weekly shopping, this week you will find GREEN BEANS, KALE, HEAD LETTUCE, SPINACH, BEETS, SWISS CHARD, GREEN GARLIC, ASPARAGUS, SUGAR POD PEAS, & MORE!

We will also have grass-fed BEEF & LAMB and pasture-raised & organic-fed PORK, CHICKEN, TURKEY, & EGGS!

You will also find fresh BAKED GOODS, CBD products, CANNED GOODS, CUT FLOWERS, herbal TEAS & TINCTURES, BATH & BODY products, NATIVE PLANTS, garden TRANSPLANTS, and MORE!

Check out the vendor produce list for Saturday below, and our recipe-of-the-week for Turkey Burger with Caramelized Onions and Spicy Sweet Mayo!

We are pleased to welcome Judson & Lang to play some favorite tunes for the morning! Stop by for a listen while you shop! weather permitting


Plant Sale – April 23rd, 8am to 12pm

Come out and find locally-grown garden transplants for spring and summer, native perennials and flowering plants, pollinator attractors, and more!


Baked By D will be at market with Italian Easter bread, Italian ricotta pie, boxes of assorted Italian cookies (including thumbprints, lemon drops, 7 layer rainbow cookies), vegan/GF date sugar chocolate chip cookies, boxes of banana chocolate chip muffins sweetened with date sugar, slices of GF carrot cake, and coffee cake. 

CATHIS Farm will be there with grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as pasture-raised pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs that are supplemented with locally grown and milled organic and non-gmo feed. Beef cuts include ground beef, stew beef and bones. Pork cuts in stock are chops, maple links, apple cinnamon sausage, chorizo, mild country with extra sage patties, bratwurst, smoked kielbasa, smoked chorizo, and smoked garlic bratwurst plus many more. Whole chickens raised on pasture and moved daily. Ground turkey and turkey wings and new dehydrated turkey pet chews. Grass-fed lamb includes chops, ground, shanks and many more cuts.

Chatham Oaks Farm will be at market with early season strawberries! (first week, limited supply)

Cool Springs Farm will have green garlic, onions, green beans, sugar pod peas, mixed lettuce, asparagus, kale, and small sweet potatoes. We will also have starter plants: tomatoes, lettuce, basil, and more.

Edge of the World Farm will have herbal tinctures, elixirs, creams and salves, and dried herbs and blends: Chrysanthemum, Tulsi aka Holy Basil, Anti-Viral, and Hibiscus Punch.

Four Dog Farm will be at market with garden transplants: parsley, marigold, a variety of tomatoes, and maybe a few peppers or eggplant if they are ready.

Green Heal Farm will be there with red butter head lettuce, spinach, Swiss Chard, mixed bunch beets, salad mix, and handmade wooden cutting boards.

Lionhearts Homestead will be at market with flower bouquets, body butter, sugar & coffee scrubs, herb & plant starts (oregano, mint, lemon balm, comfrey, lambs ear, and lupine)

Rocky River Hemp NC will be there with CBD products, including 1200 mg CBD oil, high strength CBD salve, bath bombs, and dog treats. Customers will get a free Rocky River Hemp T-shirt with purchase of two bottles of 1200 mg CBD Oil or two jars of High Strength Salve.

Twelve Oaks Farm will have eggs, mild salsa, pickled beets, pickled Brussels sprouts, pickled carrots, and strawberry spread. You can pre-order for convenient pick-up at the market at https://www.twelveoaksmarketplace.com/

Cure Nursery will be at market with a lovely selection of native plants. This week we will have Liatris squarrosa (Scaly Blazing Star), Penstemon digitalis (White Penstemon), Chrysogonum australe (Eco-Laquered Spider Green & Gold), Rhododendron atlanticum (Dwarf Coastal Azalea), and a few more.

Deep River Flower Farm (formerly Turtle Rock Gardens) will have mini bouquets and plants for your garden.  We’re planning bringing starts of cardoon, bee balm, yarrow, zinnias, coreopsis, strawflower and more.


Spring Vendorpalooza: May 7th, 14th, & 21st – 8am to 12pm

Local and handmade products fair. Visiting vendors are invited to showcase their produce, foods, products, crafts, and services! Great shopping for Mother’s Day with lots of unique, locally-made handmade crafts! Anyone wishing to sign up as a vendor, please contact the market manager at cmfmmanager@gmail.com